Inter/sections 2018:
The RAW and The COOKED.

The RAW and The COOKED is a two day ‘happening’ of new approaches to musical creation and creativity. Fostering an open source ethos to sharing and developing new (and existing) skills, the event brings together the best of today's pioneering musical movements.

The event, hosted by the Media & Arts Technology Centre for Doctoral Training at Queen Mary University of London, fuses practical workshops and demonstrations with theoretical presentations of current practice in Live Coding and DIY instrument/modular synth building. Targeting both complete beginners and experts alike the daytime section of the events opens up new possibilities and tools, which are explored further during two evenings of live performances in an informal club environment.

The RAW image

The RAW / 28 September

The RAW focusses on Live Coding and code based approaches to the real time creation of sound and image. The day features workshops and presentations by experienced live coders, rounded off with an Algorave - a live coded audio visual spectacular featuring performances from some of the UK's leading lights in audio visual coded performance.

The COOKED image

The COOKED / 29 September

The COOKED focuses on DIY instrument and modular building, and features hands on workshops to make and develop your own musical instrument or synthesizer module. The day leads into a night of live electronic performance, featuring some of the leading lights in DIY creativity, electronic trickery and new and alternative approaches to live performance.



Café 1001, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL.

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